Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Maggie Moo's Blue-green glaze

This glaze recipe is adapted from a combination of a Mastering Cone 6 Glazes base glaze and Maggie Schlebecker's blue-green glaze recipe. It is cone 6 oxidation, and I've been told it produces some red in a really good reduction atmosphere, though I've never tried it. You can adjust the percentage of copper, tin, and zinc to produce a range of color from a pale mint to a deep sea green. Varying the amount of tin and zinc will affect the opacity of the glaze and make it milkier the more you add. Overdoing it on the copper could cause leaching, so going over 5% is probably not a good idea, but otherwise this base is extremely stable and food safe.

Maggie Moo's Blue-Green glaze #5

Custer Spar  20.0
Ferro Frit 3134 20.0
Wollastonite 10.0
EPK 21.0
Talc 11.5
Silica 17.5
Total 100.0

Add Tin Oxide 3.96
Zinc Oxide 2.45
Copper Carb 3.21 (or Black Copper Oxide 2.14)


Barbara Rogers said...

Thanks, I'll copy this into my notebook and try a batch. Sounds delicious!

Tini.P said...

Hi, I mixed this glaze in my studio did a test firing. It looks great in cone 6 but I realized my clay body can only go to cone 5. So I re-tested at cone 5 and the glaze was rather flat, opaque and matt. Do you have any suggestions to help me achieve the cone 6 result at cone 5? Your help will be much appreciated!