Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Owl rattle

I am listing my owl rattle for sale on Etsy this week. I thought you might like to hear what it sounds like.


Barbara Wanhill said...

I love your rattle Lori! I've tried making rattles with my grade 4 students, but it always seems hit and miss whether they have a nice sound or not. I think maybe they are making the container part too small and the clay balls are getting skewered to the side when they poke air holes. At any rate, I love the glaze details and the sound of your awesome owl! :D

Lori Leaumont said...

Thanks Barbara! One thing I know really helped was dusting the little clay balls with cornstarch before putting them in the rattle. It kept them from getting stuck together before they dried. I think the size of the container in relation to the size of the clay beads would be a factor in the sound it makes as well. I'd like to make more of these, they're fun!