Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spring fever

I know it's not really spring yet, but this week has brought blue skies and at least one 70 degree day, and all the bulb flowers are sending up shoots. I'm even seeing a few blooms. I've been getting outside more, taking Maddy for walks and to the park when it was warm enough.

I finally finished painting the backs of all 4 pendants. I gotta get faster at these! I just procrastinate so much when it comes to painting surfaces. I doubt myself. I know that the more I paint, the better I'll be, but when I know I'm sending something to someone, I want it to come out perfect, and I always feel like I could have done better. Oh well. I am pretty happy with these over all.

I bought a respirator, and I did a second shellac resist bottle on Wednesday, then painted it with blue engobe. Wish it luck!
Finally, one more altered bowl. It still needs handles, but I did a split scalloped rim on this one taken from Gary Jackson's blog. He does lovely things to finish his forms. *sigh*
My husband joined a weight loss challenge at work, and I've been wanting to eat healthier, so I'm joining him in trying to eat better and exercise more. The nice weather outside has given me a nice boost, so I'm kind of excited about it. Plus, I have an iPhone, so I got two nifty apps to spur me on - Endomondo, which is a GPS fitness tracker I use to track my walks, and The Eatery, which is a social food diary app. I take pictures of everything I eat and drink, without counting calories, and people can rate how healthy my meals are. It definitely makes me think about what I eat, and I'm less likely to grab quick junk knowing it's going on my permanent record;) I'm only on my third day, but it's been nice eating regularly, and making food for myself that I can share with maddy because it's healthy. I sit down with her in the morning and we share breakfast, which is really nice.

Tonight is Stephen Wolochowicz's closing reception, so pics to come! I'm looking forward to his slide lecture tonight, and his workshop tomorrow. Gotta see how he makes those forms!

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Barbara Wanhill said...

I think you have a wonderful way with colour and your painting style is energetic and fun! I never knew clay surfaces could be so expressive, yet detailed. : )
Thanks too for the cornstarch tip (re: owl shaker). The kids wrap their clay balls in small bits of paper towel, but I like this idea better.
: D