Friday, March 2, 2012

Freecycle strikes again!

I checked the Freecycle email digest this morning and two things caught my eye - 2 working HP laser jet printers, and an upright piano. Now, before you think I'm some kind of crazy horder, both of these items are of particular interest to me. HP laser printers are the best brand of laser printer for doing ceramic toner decals as far as i know (some brands will not work for this process) and I've been wanting to do a decal workshop at the studio. Score! I think the toner cartridges for these printers have been discontinued, but both printers apparently work, and one just had a new cartridge installed. Even if they won't work eventually, we'll get a lot of use out of them until then. I definitely wouldn't mind doing some more decal work myself. A new printer for the studio, and one for me! If you're interested in the laser decal process (maybe someone's getting rid of an HP printer near you?) check out this Justin Rothshank video on the process on Ceramic Arts Daily here.

As for the piano, I was just bemoaning the fact that we'd never be able afford one, and how my family had an upright when I was growing up. My husband and I both love music, and we're really hoping that Maddy can take music lessons one day. I always wanted to learn piano, and both my parents played, but they could never afford lessons for me. Anyway, I just couldn't pass up a free piano, so hopefully we'll be picking it up tomorrow. Then look out for lots of video of Maddy tickling the ivories (or more likely banging them). I just got all nostalgic thinking about playing Chopsticks and Heart and Soul with my Dad, and trying to play Christmas carols for the family on Christmas eve. I hope Maddy likes playing with the piano as much as I did. I get all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it:)

So yeah, I'm addicted to Freecycle. I think it's official.

I unloaded the bisque today, but I forgot to take pics. My plates look good, my test bird has weird bubbling on one color, and my copper stained cone house has a really uneven application of stain, so I may fire it again. I'll snap some pics when I go in to glaze this weekend.

Also, look at this crazy hail we got today! Just for 10-15 minutes tops, and then it stopped. Some of the hail was as big as shooter marbles. It was incredibly loud! I guess that was winter's last gasp. Now it's kinda warm and muggy outside.
Crazy hail
Our front porch
The yard. It almost looks like snow from far away. Can't believe it covered the ground so quickly!

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eef said...

wow, nice loot! maybe i should check out freecycle, except i really don't have space for anything. =\

i only got tiny hail up here! it was a crazy storm though!