Thursday, March 29, 2012


 I never show you pictures of my studio space at Beech Grove Clay Works because -

Well, because it looks like this:

But Kelly Daniels, whose blog I've been following since her Kickstarter for her Penland trip got funded, posted a picture of how messy her space is after just one week. And I thought Yay! I'm not the only one! And it gave me the courage to share my space with you guys.

And here is my old school Pinterest board;)

So my space is not hip or cool looking at all, and there's stuff everywhere, but I'm grateful to have it:D I kind of feel like, as long as I know where everything is, and I have a little space to work, I don't mind mess and clutter. I once had a teacher tell me that there are two kinds of people - people who are externally organized, and people who are internally organized. My keys may not hang on a neat little peg, but if you ask me where they are, I can tell you (usually) that they are under that pile of papers in the corner. If you try to clean up for me, I'll never find anything! Yeah, that teacher's quote stuck with me, because it made me feel less crappy about myself. I do try, but I'm just not a naturally neat person.

What about you? What does your workspace look like? Is it organized and inviting? Or a big ole' mess like mine? Which do you prefer? Which type of person are you?


Charlene Doiron Reinhart said...

Hello Lori-I came along your post while avoiding cleaning up my studio mess! Studios are curiously fun to peek into. I try and try to keep my space neat, but efforts seems to invite more mess. People like to go in there anyway. If its too neat nothing is happening in my case!

Janiceblahblah said...

My studio is a huge mess. I've never actually seen a studio that wasn't at least kind of cluttery. I always want to keep it clean and nice by putting away all my tools and stuff after working, but it's a pain because then I just have to get them out again next time, haha, so I usually just leave everything scattered around.

Oh, and hi! This is my first comment ever, after lurking on your blog for like a million years. :)

gabi said...

Hello Lori....

My workspace is also a huge mess... It´s a matter of missing space to put things and living in a construction area.

We are still building on our new garage and i have to share my storage area with the "construction-crew"(also me)

But I must admit, I work best in a neat environment, so I´m looking forward to easter, so that I can get time to get things sorted.

Hop'n Frog Pottery said...

Thank you Lori thank you for making me feel so normal about my messy studio. I too have clutter everywhere but i know where everything is~ laying about ready to use ;-)
I always look forward to reading your blogs, they make me feel less alone while tucked away working alone in my studio.

Megan - Spice of Life Designs said...

I think that I shall make a poster of your professor's comment...

I'm a visual person - part of my creative process is seeing a jumble of things and picking out the two or three elements laying within it that call to be combined. My workbench is nearly never neat. I and have a gazillion containers that sit mostly empty because I keep pulling out their contents to play.

All that to say - you aren't alone. ;)