Saturday, December 31, 2011

Best of 2011

Another year over. To be honest, I never get too excited about the new year, other than that it's another holiday, therefore an excuse to party and overindulge in food and drink. (Being from New Orleans, anything is justifiable as an excuse to party:D)

This year is a little different, because it's the year a new baby girl came into my life, who is quietly sleeping beside me long before midnight. I feel a bit sappy, but there's not a bar in the world that beats spending the evening reflecting over how wonderfully changed my life is because she's a part of it. This might be the quietest New Year's eve I've ever had, but it's just lovely.

A lot happened to me this year, and I accomplished a lot, and I am ever so grateful for it all.

Here's a few highlights of awesome things that happened:

I got my Josie cup published in the upcoming book Humor in Craft. It's coming out in April, I can't wait!

 I got work juried into three art shows! Three! And I have to thank my new friends Rachel Bleil and Andrew Davis for their support and encouragement. I never would have bothered to apply at all without their prodding.

 I had a gorgeous baby girl, Madeleine Calliope.

 I started making mini jars!

 I started teaching kids classes, and got the Artist in Residence position at Beech Grove Clay Works.
 Maddy gets more and more awesome by the day! She's 9 months old now.
I've been setting up this awesome three woman show with two fellow artists whose work I adore. I am so very honored that Vanessa Monfreda asked me to be a part of this show! (Btw, I hope to see all you Indy people there, bashing the piñata with us!)

Finally, I got a real honest to goodness logo, designed by fellow artist and awesome person Brandon McDonald of Brandon with Glasses design! How sweet is that?

I get a little stressed around the holidays, but when I stop and think about everything that happened this past year, everything I have going, and this awesome little family I've got, my heart just swells. I've got so much to be grateful for. So here's to 2011, and the start of a new and prosperous year for all of us. Happy New Year everyone!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Kid's Clay Class

I did a kid's clay session the week before Christmas, and we had a freakin' blast. What great kids! They were fun, sweet, geeky, weird, and crazy creative. I was amused all week by the bizzaro stuff that came out of their heads!
Clam with sombrero, mustache, and exploded cigar. Totally unprompted, he just came up with this on his own.

Megan's dinosaur, who is a GIRL, for your information.

The kids all got to do some throwing too. They impressed me with their skills.

I impressed me with my skills too.

Megan painting a heart shaped bead. With the latex gloves, she thought it looked like she was holding a bloody heart. I told you these kids were awesome.

Ryan's vampire mask, before the addition of blood.

Painting the blood on the vampire. No sparkles here, thank you.

I made another bunny jar while they were sculpting.

Megan's adorable elf mask.

Cash splatter painting his alien bug mask.

I am so proud of them, I really am. I can't wait to take pics of everything when it comes out of the kiln!

I had a lot of fun coming up with lesson plans for this class. I just gotta say, thank god for the internet, and especially for Pinterest!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Criaturas - First Friday Art Opening at Earth House

We have sent out a press release for our show in January. I keep joking about how I feel like an adult now, but it seriously is a little weird to be doing something so grown up and... I don't know, responsible? Professional, maybe? For some reason, no matter how long I'm at this whole trying-to-make-a-living-at-my-craft business, I always feel a bit like I'm just playing pretend. I'm really just a 12 year old who has no idea whats going on 90% of the time in the adult world. 

Anyway, here it is in all its press release-y glory.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                                        
FROM:                                    E
arth House Collective
                                                237 North East Street
                                                Indianapolis, IN 46204

CONTACT:                            Vanessa Monfreda
            (317) 946-9365
DATE:                                    12/10/2011
Criaturas - First Friday Art Opening

Earth House Collective will be hosting Criaturas, a three woman show by artists Vanessa Monfreda, Lori Leaumont, and Beatriz Vasquez-Schlebecker. Each artist will present work interpreting the theme of "criaturas", or "creatures" in Spanish, using their respective mediums of paper maché, ceramics, and papel picado to create monsters, animals, and grumpy little girls.

Artist Vanessa Monfreda creates colorful paper maché sculptures she calls "my imaginary friends", first inspired by her own children. Hot pink mustachioed pigs, larger-than-life cats, and 3 eyed monsters immediately attract bright eyed kids, something Monfreda aims for in her work. "First Fridays shouldn't just be for adults," says Monfreda. "Kids get bored at art shows. We need more art events that are interactive and fun for them."

The show also features the work of Lori Leaumont and Beatriz Vasquez-Schlebecker. Leaumont makes colorful, hand painted porcelain sculptures, "doll" jars, and tableware that are heavily inspired by children's book illustration and "girlhood". Schlebecker uses a traditional Mexican paper cutting technique to create lacy, intricate images that reflect her bi-cultural upbringing as a first generation Mexican-American originally from South Texas, as well as her training in children's book illustration.

The show takes place on First Friday, January 6th, from 7pm - 11pm, and will feature a piñata bash at 7:30 with a handmade piñata by Monfreda, as well as music provided by DJ Kyle Long, and monster cakes and cupcakes by food stylist Ellen Nylen.

For more information, contact Vanessa Monfreda at

Jonathan McAfee
Program Manager
Earth House Collective
237 N. East St.
Indianapolis, IN 46203

Mother and Child by Beatriz Vasquez-Schlebecker

Gato by Vanessa Monfreda

My mini dolls.

Hope to see you in January! It's going to be an awesome show!