Friday, April 22, 2011

Studies, tiles, and the Sketchbook Project 2012

 After weeks of doing nearly nothing creative (I've sewn a few things for Maddy, but no drawing or ceramics), I decided to unwrap the leather hard ceramic tiles I made the week before Maddy was born and decorate them. Since I couldn't decide what to put on them, I've been doing some studies and sketches the last few days to limber up my drawing skills.

One of the tiles is a gift for someone, who I know loves birds, but I didn't just want to put a bird on a tile. I've been doing a lot of things about little girls lately, so I decided that illustrating Thumbelina on a set of 5 tiles would allow me to draw a girl and a swallow, along with some other animals. I started the swallow tile last night.
All this drawing has gotten me in the mood to do more sketching, which is perfect timing, because I just got an e-mail about the 2012 Sketchbook Project. If you'd forgotten, I actually signed up for the 2011 project, and then did not come even close to filling my moleskin sketchbook. I did 3 pages, I think. I never bothered to mail it in, and I was kind of sad about it. I was completely stumped on what to draw, and I signed up very late in the year and didn't give myself much time. This time, I have 8 months to finish, and I have a theme that I'm really excited about: "Fill me with stories". So I went ahead and signed up. I plan to share my sketches for that, as well as studies and whatever from my regular sketchbook... as often as possible. I'm kidding myself and you if I promise to do it daily or even regularly. But I will definitely share what I do from time to time. Wish me luck!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cafecito 2011

I just can't stop looking thru the shop catalog for Cafecito. In case you haven't noticed the name of my blog, I have a thing about cups. Of all the functional ceramic forms out there, cups are definitely my favorite thing. They're just such a useful, everyday object that is also so intimate and personal. In the course of making and selling cups, I've learned just how particular people are about the kind of cups they use: what they use them for, how they hold them, the size, color, everything. People become very attached to a favorite cup or mug, and devastated if it breaks. A different cup can never replace your favorite, especially if it's handmade. Handmade cups are like people. Your favorite mug is like your best friend.

I thought I'd share a few of my favorite cups from the show, including the ones my friends made. If you like one of them, please go to the site and buy it!  It might become your best friend too. Just click on their name for the link.

If you're like me and too broke to buy one, I'd encourage you to Google the artist, check out their work, and maybe even contact them if you can, just to say how much you love their piece. If it were me, I know something like that would make my day, if not my whole week, month, or possibly my year.

Andrew Davis "Duck Parade"

Yukiko Nyhan "Two Ounce Ume Blossoms"

Liz Proffetty "Teacup-Venal Pool"

Kyle Johns "White Dimple Cup"

Megan Mitchell "Black and White Cup and Saucer"

Mindy Andrews "Hanging Tree Block with Cup"

Rachel Bleil "Grazing Teddy"

Rebekah Strickland "Tawny Onion Domes Cup"

Tony Wise "Breve"

Friday, April 8, 2011

Sorry I haven't updated...

...but we had an unexpected visitor drop in on us a couple weeks ago.

My daughter, Madeleine Calliope Manuel, was born March 22nd at 4:59pm. She was 5 weeks early, but she's doing just fine. I'm already daydreaming about the day I get to let her play in mud for the first time. Should I start her off with play-doh, or just let her dive head first into porcelain?

On the ceramics front, I am taking a hiatus from the studio while I'm maternity leave, but plan to get back to work in a few more weeks.

Clayfest, the group show at University of Indianapolis, had it's reception on Monday, April 4th. My three doll jars were in it:D If you're in Indy, you can stop by the Christel DeHaan building on the U of I campus and see them. The show is up through the end of the month, I believe.

Also, I got news that my peep sculpture won a prize at the Skutt Peep Show at NCECA. I have no idea what it placed yet, but YAY! I won something!

Finally, the show catalog for Cafecito is up on their website. There is a fantastic selection of cups for sale, and I feel really honored to have been included in the show (you can see mine on page 3, if you've forgotten what it looks like. It's the Josie cat cup.)

That's all the exciting news I've got for right now...