Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Baby plates for babycakes

Hey look! I remembered to bring my camera to the studio with me for once!

Finally, FINALLY got a big dipping bucket of the new recipe for Maggie Moo's Blue-Green glaze mixed up. I am super happy with this version, and it looks fantastic layered with all the other studio glazes. Thanks to Maggie Schlebecker who did her school science fair project on glaze testing and provided us with her recipe. Hooray girls and science!

I got a cake plate out of the kiln, which warped just as I expected. We have been working on making a cake plate in my Tuesday night class that could double as a chip and dip when flipped over, but the bowl as a base just isn't enough support to keep the plate part from warping in the kiln (especially when you use porcelain, like me). It's not completely horrible, but I do want to refire it because I'm not satisfied with the glaze application. I will probably use it for Maddy's birthday party if I can improve the glaze on it.

Why yes, that is a birthday gator! Or a crocodile, which ever you prefer.

These are kid's plates I'm working on. One is for Maddy! I can't wait until she's old enough to use it! I'm going to get them painted today. I cannot wait to make more of these. They're so fun!

Last but not least, I got my painted pendants out of the kiln. What do you think? I keep wanting to sit down and roll out more of these, and do some different shapes, but I haven't had the time. Maybe after the baby party extravaganza?

If anyone is interested in the glaze recipe for the Maggie Moo glaze, let me know. I'd be happy to share!


Conduit Press said...

those plates are TO DIE FOR! seriously, they're AWESOME!
I also really Love the pendants! Would Love to see them in different shapes:) My favorite is the 'leaf boy' or at least that's what I'll call him:)

Barbara Rogers said...

Hi Lori: Yes, I'd love to see the MM blue-green glaze recipe. Always interested, especially on white clay. We do cone 6 in our studio these days...you didn't say what temp. you fire at. It looks good though!

Lori Leaumont said...

Oh yes, sorry, we do cone 6 as well! I will post the recipe here tomorrow for your convenience.

Thank you both:)

Barbara Wanhill said...

I love your pendants and the images on your plates. Also, I nominated you for A Liebster Award : D