Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bloomington Handmade Market and BABY FEVER

It's been ages since I've posted a blog. I was getting so bummed with not making any money this craft season, I sort of lost enthusiasm for keeping up with all the online stuff. I figured no one was paying attention. But someone was! I just want to say, Holly, if you're still keeping up with this, thank you for buying that cup and reading my blog. You sincerely made my day:D

This past Saturday, I had a booth at the Bloomington Handmade Market. It was, by far, the best craft show I've done yet. I actually made money! It was really well attended, and people were wonderful. I enjoyed watching them get a good laugh from some of my pieces. I never know if the things that amuse me will amuse anyone else, so it made me happy to watch people pick up the Godzillas in Love mug or the What's with all the robots? mug and start laughing out loud. The best thing that happened all day, though, was meeting a really nice lady named Holly who came to the craft show just to find me (!) and check out my stuff. She told me how much she loved my work and was really excited to see my Birdeater tumbler still available for sale. I was floored when she told me she'd read my blog! Not even just an entry or two, but pages of it. I have a fan! She kept apologizing for stalking me, but I thought my head was going to explode with happiness:D

Well anyway, I need to send my sincere thanks to everyone that came to the market, and also to Sally, Mia, and Nicole for organizing an awesome craft fair. I'm definitely applying for the next one!

I pretty much spent the entire day obsessing over babies and little kids. I haven't mentioned it here yet, but Nich and I are expecting a little mohawk baby. We're due in April, and I'm not even showing yet, but I'm already having imaginary conversations in my head with our future child, thinking of books I'll read them and things we'll get to do together. Our baby is going to kick ass, I just want you all to know.

So all day at the market, I made goo goo eyes at every cute kid I saw, which was pretty much a constant stream. The cutest child of the day was a little girl named Ruby, who's Mom had the booth next to me, Ruby's Slippers. Ruby is only 2 1/2 years old, but I swear she spoke like a little adult. Listening to her explain how she liked cupcakes better than bagels (though she really liked bagels as well) nearly had me on the floor. Best start of the day EVER. Also, I had never paid much attention to baby clothes or accessories at craft fairs in the past because I never had a reason to, but I adored all of Ruby's Slippers cute little baby shoes and blankets. I was suddenly enthralled with the idea of my baby wearing little panda slippers, all swaddled up in a ROAR! Dino baby blanket. They've definitely won a customer, because I MUST have that dino blanket. I just hope our kid is half as cute as Ruby.

That ought to be the last bit of baby related gushing I do for a while. Not that I'm not excited, but I promised myself I would not turn into one of those Moms whose kid takes over her entire brain. This is a ceramics blog, dammit. But, you know... Dino blanket. That's all I'm saying.

In closing, here's a few pics of things I've been up to lately. Thanks again to anyone who's paying attention! You are so, so, so appreciated:D

50 little bird ornaments

Josie Cat bowl - this is an accurate depiction of Josie Cat. She approves of NOTHING.

Some little birds, freshly painted. Not sure if I like them painted better than I liked them plain.

4 tree tumblers, which sold in less than an hour at the Market. Can't believe people liked them so much!

Some "kokeshi" jars and a vase in progress.

Night, all.