Sunday, March 18, 2012

A perfect week

Two new plates, still cooling. (I had to peek.)
My sister-in-laws rockin' their 20's garb for a theme party. I got very into helping them put together these outfits. We referenced Pinterest a lot;) Don't they look cute?
The infamous Josie cat, getting some good morning rubbies today.
The Chinese Magnolia across the street. I look forward to seeing this out the front window every spring.
So many nice and lovely and fun things have happened this week, and I have neglected to blog because I've been too busy enjoying them. The end of a perfect spring day would come, and I'd snuggle Maddy and put her to bed, and have a cup of tea or a glass of wine, and not feel inclined to sit in front of a computer screen to write. I feel like I need to pick up my paper journal again. Writing in a pretty hardbound book feels like bliss. Blogging feels like work sometimes.

I feel a little guilty for enjoying this perfect spring weather all week (blue skies, blooming trees, 70-80 degrees and a breeze blowing) when it's so early in the year. I keep thinking, oh god, it's global warming, this summer is going to be brutal if the weather is this nice in March. I have to tell myself to shut up and enjoy it. It's not like I can control the weather!

Maddy and I have been going for walks daily, partially in an effort to get in shape (that's me, not her!), and partially because it's too beautiful out to stay indoors. Maddy was pretty grumpy earlier in the week, and was shooting surly glances at everyone we met, but then her new tooth came thru, and she's a much happier girl now. Her birthday is coming up this week (can you believe it's been a year?!?), so I've been planning her cardboard box themed birthday party. God bless Pinterest, right?

I went to an artist talk on Wednesday given by my former instructor Lesley Baker, which I really enjoyed. It was a very intimate gathering of mostly artists and a couple art lovers, and we sat in a round table kind of fashion to listen to Lesley talk about her life and work. It was great to finally hear her talk about her influences and processes after having her as a teacher, where she was very careful not to share too much of her work with us so we wouldn't be too influenced by it. Lesley has recently updated her website, and will be adding pictures from her solo show (un)Naturals very soon, so you should definitely check it out. She also had a large installation called Bull in a China Shop on display during the Super Bowl that got some national press, which is very cool. I really can't do the installation justice talking about it here, you have to see it in person (which you can thru the end of the month at Wug Laku's Studio and Garage, if you happen to be in Indy). I know I'm biased because she was my teacher, but I love her work so much. She's been a major influence on me in a lot of ways.

That's enough typing for today! I'm hoping to get at least a couple things listed on Etsy, but who knows if that will really happen. Maddy will be waking up any minute now, I suspect. Maybe during nap time...

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