Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Handbuilding and painting

Don't I write the most exciting blog titles?

Here are some of the results of my hand building efforts. A long time back I started making a rocketship jar, but the fins kept breaking and I scrapped it. I've got three of these in progress now. I will have to do some major clean up in the interior if I want these to be jars, and walls are super thick and heavy. I can't seem to allow myself to make a sculpture just to be a sculpture. I guess I just love containers, and all I can think of is all the cool things that could be hidden inside that space! A place to hide secrets and treasures... Maybe one can be a jar with a doll inside, and one could be a kind of nichos or shadow box with a hole in the side, maybe with a little space drama going on inside? I feel like I could play around a bit with three of these at my disposal. Depending on how my demo progresses today, I may have four. But four is no good, because I hate odd numbers, so maybe I'll build 2 more.

I started painting my bear mask that I made back in my Christmas kids class. My plan is to go over the top girly with it. I wanted to have it ready for my gallery show so I could wear it all night. It probably wouldn't be very comfortable though, and it is heavy. It will probably end up on the wall.

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