Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bloggy blog pt. 1

 My lesson on glazing went pretty well this week, I think. I felt a little awkward teaching from a real planned out set of notes. People are going to start thinking I'm a real teacher! I thought sure my students would be bored to tears with this stuff, or would feel like they knew it all already, but many of them asked lots of questions and seemed to find the info helpful, so that's good.

I did majorly screw up this week with the bisque firing. It always seems like I can't make a mistake without destroying something I've worked hard on. Once again, I placed a thick beginner piece right next to my piece, and it exploded. I thought sure I fired the kiln slow enough for the thicker stuff to be safe, but I guess the 3 hr hold at 180 wasn't quite long enough. And I did change it from 6 hours, because I didn't want to wait! My impatience is going to be the death of me. 
I tried to fix my girl, but the pieces didn't quite fit, and the bisque fix isn't sticky, so they wouldn't hold together. I'm wondering if I can make a new piece to fix it using paper clay. Does anyone know of a clever way to fix broken bisque? I'm not ready to give up on her!
Bisque fix fail:(
Layers of wax resist and glaze
I demoed a lot of wax resist decoration, which I've never tried before. No idea how it's all going to turn out. I've been playing with black copper oxide wash too, to bring out some depth in my flat glazes. Hoping to fire it all today, and have new pretties to post by the weekend. 

Glazes over black copper oxide wash
 Going to do a second post later today, to make up for my slackerness!

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