Sunday, February 5, 2012

Avoiding the Super Bowl

I am one of those people that doesn't really get sports. I'm one of those people who is secretly a little proud that I had no idea who was playing until a few days ago. Yep, those people. I would have forgotten the Super Bowl was taking place today at all, if it weren't for the fact that it's being held here, in Indianapolis, where I live. After my one trip downtown to the post office to try to mail my sketchbook, I have actively avoided going downtown. Having grown up in New Orleans, I've seen plenty of Super Bowls, and given that I'm not a football fan, it's just a bunch of noise, traffic, and crowds to me. Bleh! I plan to hide out in the studio for a bit, and then settle down with my husband (who also, thankfully!, doesn't watch football), and Maddy to watch movies and eat junk food.

I will be trying not to judge all you sports fans out there, who will be consuming mass quantities of buffalo wings and shouting at your television sets today(well, I won't judge you for the wings, because wings are freakin' delish!), but I will be much happier watching hours of Doctor Who and Star Trek: TNG episodes instead.

Here's some things I'm working on right now:
I don't know if I mentioned before that I started playing with paper clay? This is paper clay made from Laguna Frost porcelain, so I'm hoping that if it's thin enough, it will be somewhat translucent. I'm just playing around a bit on the paint job - some color washes and a couple of winken, blinken, and nod inspired kids. I need to buy some wax resist so I can layer my images and colors better.
I made this mask in my kids class, and I'm hoping to paint it today. I want the paint job to be as over-the-top ornate and girly as possible, because when I make scary bear things, people always assume they are boys. Girls like shouting RAWR as much as anyone. I think I'd like to make a dino mask to go with it.
This is something I'm absurdly excited about - I learned that if you keep the roots of your green onions and put them in water, they will continue to grow, so you can keep cutting and using them over and over. That is so cool! This is about 5 days growth sitting next to the kitchen window. When I put them in the cup, the tops were below the rim. Kinda feels like a elementary school science project! Maybe next I'll grow a lima bean in a jar with wet paper towels.

Maddy is now at the "cruising" stage. Not only does she blaze around the living room on her hands and knees (sometimes so fast I miss where she went!), but she can walk while holding on to things, and she's getting pretty darn fast at that too. Every time she takes off, she gets this ridiculously ecstatic look on her face, that look she gets whenever she's particularly pleased with herself for figuring out something new. I love watching how much joy babies get out of learning about the world. I hope she continues to have that love of learning as she grows up.


eef said...

oh gosh, i was just chatting with anthony on google chat (he's in Argentina right now, pfft!), and it went like this:

Anthony: you gonna watch the superbowl?
Anthony: Why not? Don't you want to know who wins?
Me: i still wont know who won once its over
i dont even know who is playing
and wouldnt know it was the superbowl if it wasnt here

Yeah, only sports I watch is the World Cup.

Paper clay? I don't understand what this is, but that looks cool! And that mask is awesome! I love masks.

And I have to try that onion thing! Who knew?! Was this on Pinterest? haha

Lori Leaumont said...

Sorry Erin! Sometimes I talk about things on this blog assuming everyone knows what I'm talking about, but not everyone is a potter! Paper clay is like paper mache for ceramic artists - it's paper pulp mixed with clay. It makes a very strong clay that is also light weight, and the paper burns away in the kiln. It also works like glue or plaster, in the you can use it for sticking pieces of clay together, and patching cracks and broken pieces. It's pretty exciting stuff to play around with!

I think that green onion thing was either on Pinterest or on one of the blogs I follow. I can't remember!

Glad I'm not the only one completely disinterested in the Super Bowl. Of course, I don't follow any sports, so I don't know anything about soccer either. Well, except for the fact that a psychic octopus is able to pick the winners!