Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bird Bottle

Got this idea from colonial Williamsburg bird bottles - settlers would hang bottles on the side of their houses to attract pest eating birds to nest. This is my first attempt at making one. Since I have not a single wood surface outside my house, I hung it in Nich's parents backyard.

It was supposed to be copper turquiose glaze with red accent, but the copper must not have been well mixed in. It's real spotty and mostly clear.

It has a little hole for a twig perch. I hope some little sparrows see it and think "What a fashionable apartment!" and move right in.

It took me ages to find a picture of one of the Williamsburg bottles that actually showed how it was hung. The shape of the hole in the back lets it hang securely on a nail, but is big enough to fit your hand through when you need to clean the inside.

Previous blog entries mentioning my obsession with old timey functional ceramics:

I'd like to make more of these, but improve upon the design somehow. I'd certainly like it to be lighter and less clunky looking. I also need to put drain holes in the bottom in the future, so rain water doesn't collect inside. It looks a little too granny for my taste as far as the decoration. Maybe next time I can make something that looks a little more modern, but functions the same.

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