Monday, April 5, 2010

Work in progress - SO MUCH CLAY!

I had a nice family Easter lunch with Nich's family today. I then opted out of going out drinking tonight so I could come home and throw. DO YOU SEE HOW DEDICATED I AM TO THIS?!? AREN'T YOU IMPRESSED??? Right now, my husband is consuming mass quantities of alcohol and raspberry BBQ while I wait for pots to become leather hard. I hope you're impressed, because I'm impressed with myself. This is willpower, damn it.

I got so much marked off my huge list of things I want to try making today. That list is seriously diminished. I really am proud of myself, because I'm so freakin' ADD. It's really hard to keep throwing when I could be checking my facebook or eating a sandwich.

I did a teapot with a tealight warmer for it to sit on, a bunch of bowls, 3 bird bottles (colonial birdhouses that are bottle shaped - I'm a bit obsessed with these right now),  and a juicer thingy (you know, to juice oranges. What do you call those things?)

 Also, here are some of the cups I made yesterday.

Check out that longcat stamp! I think it's the crappiest looking cat ever, but I like it:D

Finally, while googling bird bottles so I can get a better understanding of exactly what features they need (how they hang, how big they are, etc), I found lots of ceramic birdhouses that were pretty sweet and well designed, and I also found these amazing ceramic lanterns. I wanted to make ceramic lanterns for my wedding so bad, but I just ran out of time and energy. If I had seen these back then, I think some other decorations would have been put aside.

From Thai Happy Design
Colonial Bird Bottle on Flickr

Man, this entry is pic OBESE! Once again, would anyone like to join my cup swap? If you're a ceramic artist and you make cups, or you'd like to, just send me a message, and we will trade one of my cups for one of yours. I'll keep posting pics in progress - maybe once you guys see I don't make total crap, you'll be willing to swap.

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