Friday, June 4, 2010

If only I could barter ceramics for rent.

My hubs and I went over to my friend eef's house last weekend to hang out, smoke hookah, and make s'mores around a bonfire. I brought over a mug I had drawn her portrait on, which she was going to buy from me, but I decided to trade her instead (I'm on a big bartering kick these days). This is what I got in exchange:
This is one of her coptic stitch bound journals. I love it so much! It's full of really nice vellum paper, too. I've started using it for daily drawing, since I've been slacking hardcore on that for, oh, about 2 months now. The nice thing about these coptic stitch journals is that they lay open flat - perfect for writing without cracking the spine, and also perfect for scanning or making copies. They're ideal for an art journal!

I don't think she's making these for sale currently, but she is making all kinds of other adorable and crafty stuff. Check out her craft and photography blog, and say hi for me;)
 Speaking of art journals, I've decided not to post my daily drawings any more. Yeah, I know, awww, booo:( Thing is, I got so wrapped up in having something cool or interesting to post everyday, I stopped wanting to draw because I was worried about what to draw, and whether it was worth sharing. From now on, I'm going to try to draw everyday to remember ideas that I have, or to work out visual things for my ceramics, and also to keep my drawing skills limber. If I have a page that I think is worth posting, I'll go ahead and put it up, but I'll spare you all the crappy stuff in between.

What I will try to post on a regular basis is my work in progress and finished ceramics. I mean, am I a ceramic artist or what? I've been moving more in that direction anyway on this blog, in case you haven't noticed. Speaking of which, here's a little cup I painted yesterday, inspired by a song written by a friend of mine.

I plan to finish it with brightly colored glazes in all the white spots. What do you think?


eef said...

i love that cup! i wish i could barter for everything. haha, well maybe not everything. but i do love bartering! glad you like the book! i love the cup!

is it weird i drink out of a cup with my face on it? lol

i need to start binding books again, it just seems like a lot of work after i'm gone for 11 hours a day. it's like, all i'd be able to do is go to work and then make one book (and maybe finish it) and then my day would be over! agh!

crafternoon soon!?!?!?!? y/y??

eef said...

ps. i totally feel you on the drawing everyday thing. i used to do it and it's HARD.

15 Painted Cups said...

When oh when can we have a crafternoon??? It needs to happen. I wouldn't even mind taking a shot at making another journal, just so I can relearn the whole coptic stitch thing. Maybe we can get together next saturday? Nich will probably have to work, so it might be just you and me, kid.

Glad you like the cup so much. I think it's AWESOME to drink coffee out of your own face. I think everyone should.

terraworks said...

wonderful works~

15 Painted Cups said...

Thank you:)