Monday, June 28, 2010


Long time no post! The last week or two has been pretty time consuming, between car issues, making my hubs' anniversary presents, doing MOUNTAINS of laundry, and firing new ceramics. With the exception of car problems and laundry, it's been a pretty awesome week. Even the car problem wasn't so bad, because I fixed it myself! I am childishly proud of that.

One thing I'm working on that I just fired last night (fingers crossed!) is this red clay deer head, inspired by a foamcore project idea my friend Laura was planning to try.

My husband saw it and said "Wouldn't it be cool if we could make that, but cover it in moss instead of patterned paper?" And I said, "If we made it out of terracotta or red clay, we probably could".

We've made three of these, and we're waiting to see if they fired flat, whether the pieces will fit together, and how heavy it will actually be. Today we're going to gather moss to make our moss paint. I've wanted to try moss graffiti for ages! I hope hope hope! this project works out, and looks as cool as it does in my head. We made one bigger one, and two mini ones. Wish us luck!

The other big thing that consumed my time this week is making things for Nich for our one year anniversary. I've been a big squeally, mushy mess all week long just thinking about how we met, our wedding day (we are weirdos, and the photos are proof, but it was such a good day), and well, even I found myself a bit obnoxious.

But I made cute stuff!

Nich has been obsessed with this 2D game lately called Cave Story (which you can and should download for free). It's one of the most adorable things I've ever seen - the music gets stuck in my head, and I haven't even played the damn thing.

I'm obviously a complete amateur when it comes to plushie making, but hell, I drafted the damn things myself with no tutorial, out of left over fleece and old felted sweaters. It took me two days to make these guys, and every time I finished one, I wanted to make another. I could make an army of these. I'm very tempted. We could rule the world.

I also got him a ring from Once Lost Jewelry that is one of the most severely cool things I've ever seen.
I met the maker, Michelle, in person at the Indieana Handicraft Exchange this year, and Nich and I have ogled her stuff every year she's attended. You should check out her work.

On our anniversary, we went to eat Moroccan food at Saffron Cafe, and I got all giddy at how incredibly good everything was. Also, I got to eat stew out of a beautiful decorated ceramic Tajine pot. It's like they handcrafted the perfect presentation for a potter! I was in heaven.

Afterward, we found 3 buildings covered in awe-inspiring graffiti. I don't know who is doing this stuff, but I've never seen anything like it in Indy. It's masterfully done, and some of the pieces are MASSIVE. Here's a few of my favorite shots.
All in all, a very exciting week! I could say more, but then this post would be TLDR, and it may already be at that point.

Alright, back to making things!


eef said...

wowowoowowowoow this is the coolest post ever!!! that deer head will be awesome!! i want plushies! and steampunk rings! and graffiti (?)!!!

sry, sugar.

happy anniversary!!!!!

told you you should date.

15 Painted Cups said...

Thanks Erin:) I'm glad you were right!