Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day 80: YOU WIN: Claytality

I'm not sure exactly how one crafts a deadly weapon out of porcelain, but I think the laser vision plays a part in it.

I sooooo wish I had time to ink and color this. It would go on my desktop as a permanent reminder to my husband that I am always and forever more badass than him, and I don't even HAVE a mohawk.

Made some handles today, and stamped all the cups from last night with a octopus linocut stamp I made ages ago. I'm quite pleased with the way it looks as a clay stamp. I think I'll have to bust out the old cutting tools and make some new linocuts just to use as stamps.

Alright people, so far I have 3 takers for my cup/mug swap idea. I used to do craft swaps on Swapbot all the time, and I miss it. It's so cool getting art from other people in the mail! I'd like to do this with ceramics. So here's the deal - I'm working on making 20 cups/mugs/tumblers/drinking vessels that I want to give away as a trade in exchange for one of your ceramic cups. I need 17 more people to trade with. I will continue to post the cups in progress up until they come out of the glaze kiln.

My husband pointed out that my blog is called 15 Painted Cups, so why did I decide to do 20 for the swap? An excellent point, my dear punk husband. Um... I wasn't really thinking about it at the time? And 15 just doesn't seem like enough to really get me going.I should have said 30, or even 50, but I'm not really willing to giveaway that many cups. I gotta buy more clay sometime! But 20 is just enough for me to play around with some shapes and techniques and figure out what I want to do next.

So anyway, if you're a ceramicist, and you want a nifty new cup to drink out of that isn't one of your own, and you like owning other people's work, AND you don't mind making and giving away one of your own, contact me here, at fanfare_and_foofaraw(at!), on Facebook, or on Twitter to sign up for the swap. If I don't manage to find 20 people, any extra cups will go up for sale on my Etsy store.

Hurry hurry hurry! Sign up while there are still spots! These cups have OCTOPUSES ON THEM!!!

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