Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 75: Mug Swap?

Some days the thought of getting old terrifies me.
 Some days, I think it will be fucking awesome.

This elderly woman told me yesterday that her prescription medications cost an ungodly amount (imagine that), and that she was going to go talk to her doctor because she's sure the pharmacy tech messed up her deductible. She then said she was going to "raise hell" about it. I lol'd on the inside. I hope I'm that feisty when I get to be her age.
I put in my two weeks notice at Walgreens this past weekend (that elderly lady makes me think I'll almost miss it) so that I have more time for art. I got on the wheel again today - not doing too great, but better than MASSIVE FLOP DAY. I just need lots and lots of practice, and to get back into some kind of habit.

I was drinking out of a manufactured teacup today, and feeling a bit guilty about it. For some reason, I rarely drink out of my own cups, but I love using other people's - I just don't have many because I'm too broke to buy other people's art.

Then I had a brilliant thought - why not do a mug swap? I could use the practice making mugs and cups, and I really want some handmade mugs in the house that were made by other artists. So here's the deal - if any ceramicists out there want to trade with me, give me a holler, and we will swap. I think I'll make my goal 20 mugs - that's 20 trades. The first 20 people to hit me up will get a mug in exchange for one of their own. I will document the whole 20 mug making process here on my blog, from start to finish (so you know you're not getting some half-assed cup I made 4 years ago in beginning ceramics!)

In closing, here are some kick-ass mugs to give you a little inspiration.

Via Gizmodo
From Dovetail on Etsy
From Stepanka on Etsy
From metamorphosesofclay on Etsy

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