Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dead Rabbits Don't Talk, and other stories

Had what started as a very melancholy day. Some personal (and really stupid) drama (that I'm not going to elaborate on.).
However, it gave me an idea for a ceramic series I want to do. So that's good. Please ignore the wonky anatomy, and really lumpy badly drawn clothing. I know her head is too big, and it's just lazy drawing on my part. But it's a sketch and an idea that was in my head, and I'm not willing to do tons of research and work on a daily sketch. Bleh.

I just finished reading Scott McCloud's ZOT! yesterday, in which he complains constantly about his limited drawing ability (which is freakin' amazing compared to anything I can do), so I'm feeling a a little critical of myself. I'd really like to draw more, practice more, and start doing comics or zines. I don't want to give up ceramics; I just feel like I'd be more comfortable telling stories with pictures and words, and I can't figure out a good way to do that with clay. I need both mediums. I love comics way too much, and I've always wanted to make my own.

The rest of my day got much better, because I listened to Three Ninja's new album, Smarter Than a Lettuce, that I purchased on iTunes today. I wrote a review for it that is a fine, fine piece of writing. I then decided that today was a good day to finish the lineart for the Three Ninjas CD cover (that I should have finished ages ago, but, well, I'm much better at procrastinating than I am at actual art). So here it is, in all it's glory.
Still to come is coloring it, adding a city background, and adding text. But I'm happy to be done with the stupid, tedious, completely unintuitive pen tool. Stupid pen tool. Jeez.

Anyway, Three Ninjas is my friend Jason, who talked me down from my ledge and made me realize I was being ridiculous today. He cheered me up immensely. Thanks, Jason.

I hope you all go over to iTunes right now and buy his album. It's 9.99. You won't regret it. It made my day better, and it'll probably save your life, or even save the world.

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eef said...

maybe when you get better at drawing you can draw stick figures like me!!!

just kidding, obviously.

I'm diggin' that spidey-esque illustration. I can't stand the pen tool. Actually, I really hate digital drawing in general. =\

Make your own comic!!! I would read it! =]