Saturday, April 3, 2010

INDIEVisual day something or other with cats.

I've spent pretty much the entire day throwing. I now have 20+ cups, each one different from the last, so I can look at them all and figure out which forms I like best. I think I still need 14 people to swap cups/mugs/teabowls/drinking vessels with. I don't have pics just yet, because honestly I'm tired, and my camera is in the car. Tomorrow, maybe.

Today's visual journal entry has nothing to do with anything I did today - I just felt like doing studies of black oriental cats, of which I have two (they're my cats, and they're much more awesome then my husbands three cats. Just sayin').

Tomorrow, I'll post my work in progress. Really, I will.

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terraworks said...

Beautiful designs- LOVE.