Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Forgive my temper tantrum.

The last few days has caused me to give some thought to my little outburst regarding the Handicraft Exchange. I thought I was ready to do this full time - I thought my work was good enough. I'm realizing just how ridiculous that assumption was. I must be delusional.

Since I quit my second job and have decided to have a go at this as close to full time as I can, I've realized just how lazy, ADD, and completely inept I am as a potter and an artist. I need a lot of work! Sitting down at the wheel everyday has shown me how badly in need I am of serious practice and attention to detail and craftsmanship. I'm a beginner, I have to be honest. That BFA means nothing. It was just a start. I can't even throw a proper teapot, or keep my handles from cracking off of my mugs (no matter how many layers of plastic and damp paper towels I wrap them in!) It's laughable for me to draw something I want to throw, and then sit down and actually think I can throw the form I had in mind. I'm still making beginner's mistakes like forgetting to compress the bottoms of my pots after opening the center (HELLO S CRACKS!), and leaving my pots to dry with nothing to cover them, so I end up with bonedry rims and wet feet.

This is not to say I'm despairing here. I love getting my hands dirty everyday, and I love drooling over all the things I might be able to make, one day, if I keep working at this. HARD. I'm just saying, maybe it's a little premature of me to set my sights as high as the biggest and best craft fair Indy has to offer. Dreaming big is nice, and it can keep you going, but without hardwork and dedication, it's just dreams. I've really got to focus and stop being so damned lazy.

Well, enough about all that. Here's my drawings for yesterday and today.
My sister-in-law Mariah, looking like a regal African queen, if queens wore t-shirts and sat on the couch watching Dancing with the Stars. (All joking aside, she's really beautiful, don't you think?)
I didn't do much drawing today - I actually drew these on break at work last night, but since it was after midnight, it technically counts as today.

Just to end things on a ceramic note, here's a few things I've been drooling over.
From Shinzi Katoh Design
From Peppa Studio
From Shannon Garson

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