Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 56: Who the F*** is Three Ninjas?

An idea for a series I'd like to make. I won't say anymore now; I'm afraid to jinx it.

""Don't work too hard on this", Three Ninjas said to me. But how can I not? 6 years ago, I got into a terrible car crash. Three Ninjas' music pulled me from the burning wreckage and performed CPR, saving my life. Before that, Three Ninjas walked the earth, fighting evil, and putting right what once went wrong. Hoping that each leap, would be the leap home. Before that, Three Ninjas invented music in ancient Greece when he devoured Apollo. Recognized by all cultures, worldwide, Three Ninjas still devours Apollo to this day - creating all music, but especially his."

-Admiral Akbar"
Finally, I just got this little guy in the mail from Love & a Sandwich. You can get your own here.

Doesn't the hand stitched buttcrack just sell you on buying one?

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TheWiglyWorm said...

Lol, funny thing is, before I came to check out your block I was looking at Love & a Sandwich but didn't know that you knew of it ! But I believe I had discovered her work due to the link you gave me some time back to her counterparts website through DA ! yay networking ! :D

P.S. the buttcrack is adorable !