Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 47: A Metric Butt-Ton of things

So much to do today! I made it a priority to get my daily drawing done and get everything posted, stat. Sorry for the long wait, if indeed you have been waiting. More than likely, you're like "Oh, yeah, that chick posted stuff today. That's cool." Or you've already deleted me from your Google Reader list, in which case, you aren't reading this and it doesn't really matter.

Here we go: P.S., Spoilers for The Time Traveler's Wife ahead. Just a warning.

If ya'll didn't know, I'm from N'awlins. Living in Indianapolis, I was mildly in fear for my life after the Superbowl.
I was really depressed after I finished this book. There were too many parallels between it and my life with Nich, and I started vividly imagining losing him young. I woke up sobbing just thinking about it. It really got to me. It was an excellent book, and I enjoyed the hell out of it, but it sent me into a deep day long depression.
I watched an "expressive dance" class and did about 5 pages of gesture drawings. I'll spare you the rest, because honestly, looking at gesture drawings is boring.


Nich and I went out the day before V-day because I had to work the 14th. My coworker asked what we did to celebrate, and I said "Oh, we went to a tea shop for lunch, and then went to 3 bookstores." He said "Wow. That sounds like the perfect nerdy day." I thought Thank God I married a nerd like me! It was the perfect nerdy day:)
The stuff people buy each other for Valentine's Day cracks me up. Especially the really awful last minute purchases. But, the chocolate was not half bad.

It's not so much the hangover that does it (I don't usually get bad ones). It's waking up achy and cranky from sleeping on a couch,  and my brain immediately reminding me that this is what I looked forward to after work, and it's over and life is still crappy and pathetic. Then I start thinking about my art or lack there of, and all the other things about my life and myself that I hate. It's a big ol' pity fest that lasts most of the morning. Despite all that, it never stops me from drinking again next weekend.

I am tired of being a lazy artist. Things need to change.
Aaaaand this brings us up to speed. Check out the citrus juicer tutorial here, and Dave Rapoza's speed paint video here.

That's all for today. Hopefully I'll begin posting more regularly, and less giant clumps of stuff in one day. Unless you guys like it better this way. Either is fine, so long as I keep this up!

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