Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 46 but not.

I have been decent about drawing/making things on a regular basis (though I miss a day here and there.) I have been absolutely terrible about actually uploading everything. I don't have time to upload everything today because scanning takes a sec, and I have to go to work. So here's just a few things.
Nich bought these flowers for us as an early Valentine's present. They're called Senetti, and they look like a deep velvety blue or violet, depending on the light. We had Waffle House that day too. It was an excellent day. Hopefully I'll get to finish painting the tile soon. I'd like to make a whole bunch of them, I like the shape and indentation around the outside.

These are Dad's little altar things, finally out of the kiln. I started to take them to a sale the other day, but I'm not ready to part with them.

Lots more stuff tomorrow, I promise!

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eef said...

Hey, are you and Nich going to Brian Ho's party? Seems like I'll be able to make it afterall, but I don't know most of the people going. =[
And since I still haven't gotten together with you... Might be a convenient way to hang out.
Let me know!