Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 53: Drawin' on pots

I cooked red beans and rice the other day, and decided to draw my pot o' beans on a pot. GET IT? A POT ON A POT? HA!
Incidentally, pork jowl bacon, while slightly off putting in name and appearance, makes effing DELICIOUS red beans and rice. Just FYI.
Depression has been getting to me more and more these days. I keep thinking about the future, old age, and death. I always liked to think I'd be one of those people that will enjoy old age and will grow old gracefully. Apparently this is not so. I am terrified of getting old, and life passing me by.

My cats are totally slacking off on the job. A mouse crawled out of the freakin' stove today. I want to buy mouse traps, but I've watched so many Disney movies, I don't want to think about killing cute little mice. Even if they do spread disease and get into my food storage. How can you kill something that might go by the name of Gus Gus?

Lastly, my cup, finally fired. I consider it an utter failure - the green did something weird in the firing, and the copper glaze is all splotchy. Bleh. Oh well, at least I got to draw an African Grey.
Check that shit out, an entirely ceramic journal post. Aren't you impressed?

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