Wednesday, January 6, 2010

IndieVISUAL Journal Day 6: Thinking of picking up a coke habit.

I need some kind of magic drug that will give me motivation, willpower, creativity, and mass quantities of energy. Since we're talking magic here, it might as well improve my drawing skills as well. I am SO FREAKIN' LAZY. Strangely enough, this journaling thing is much easier for me than getting real artwork done. I guess because there's no pressure or expectations. If the drawings suck, who cares? It's not like I've got ten million followers reading this thing.

On a separate note, I have some other cups I want to upload pictures of, but I don't have good lighting without daylight, and it's a little late now. Look for them sometime this week.

What do you guys think about the journaling on clay idea? Completely lame, or pure genius? Or maybe somewhere in between? I got a plaster bat system for my birthday, so there may be some platters in addition to the cups in the near future. I'd like to do some wall pieces as well. Maybe they can all center around visual journaling. Or whatever. I just like drawing and painting on stuff.

Probably won't hear from me for a couple days, as I have morning shift at one part time job, and my regular overnight shift at the other for the next couple days. I have to find somewhere to sleep in between there, so I'll upload extra drawings this weekend. Don't worry, I'll draw on my lunch break. I still intend to draw EVERY DAY.

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Leeky said...

OMG, this is how I feel pretty much EVERY DAY. If you ever get your hands on that drug I want some. xD

Journaling on clay is an awesome idea. I wish I had another medium to experiment with but I'm more of a pencil and paper kinda person. So yes I vote PURE GENIUS to that one. :D