Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 10: The Fifth Element, SWEDED

I'm not at home today, so this crappy cell phone pic will have to do until tomorrow.
[Scanned and updated!]

Have you seen all the viewer submitted sweded movies on the Be Kind, Rewind website? Some of them are brilliant. I'm sad I didn't visit it sooner. I am trying to talk Nich into helping me make a sweded version of The Fifth Element. His sister Mariah is already on board to play the Diva.


Here's an article about the fan-sweded movies, and a list of the top 10 (though some of them are no longer available).

This website has all of the sweded films. We've got to do this! I'm so pumped, I can't stand it!!!

If you haven't watched Be Kind, Rewind, you're missing out. Go rent it, download it, or watch it online ASAP.

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