Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 3 - Final Fantasy is f@#$%!ed up.

Forgive the atrocious drawings on this one. I was rushing before work, and besides that I can't draw out of my head to save my life. But I'm pleased with myself that I managed to get this uploaded before midnight, so it's still the 3rd.

I've really been enjoying doing this so far. I've always been a big fan of journaling and keeping sketchbooks, but I almost always kept a separate one of each - one for writing and one for drawing, one lined and one unlined. Both had completely fallen by the wayside in recent months; especially drawing.

I want to start compiling a list of everyone who's doing this challenge so I can see what other people are coming up with. So if you are, and I'm not following you yet, let me know so I can add you to the list!

If you haven't joined in, you should. It's fun, and it's virtually no pressure, other than getting your sketches up on the internet. Even that's flexible, since Maddy is encouraging those who can't post daily to either do the best they can, or just do a weekly bulk post. With rules like that, what excuse do you really have? And if you're bummed about starting late, who cares? You still have 362 days left to draw. Hell, do a couple extra pages one day if it makes you feel better. If you can't fit in a drawing everyday, just do the best you can on that too. The point is to keep the journal and get yourself drawing, and to have fun.

Btw, to anyone who's actually following this, I really appreciate it:D I know I'm doing this first and foremost for myself, but I don't mind a little attention either. Otherwise, what's the point of posting it on the interbutts?

One last thing (I know, I know, tldr): I'm hoping to start posting one item a week that's ceramic rather than journal. I need to get back into the habit of that too. Maybe every Monday? Or possibly just one random day, since my schedule changes a lot. We'll see. But this is a ceramics blog, and it is called "15 Painted Cups", so it needs some freakin' ceramics. Otherwise, I gotta start a new blog for the challenge, and I'm honestly too lazy to do that.

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