Tuesday, January 5, 2010

IndieVISUAL Journal Day 5: pugs Pugs PUGS

[Had to remove the pug journal until after the t-shirt design is done... can't be giving away pug secrets...]
Did I not say there would be pugs today?

Guess what else? You get a bonus today of not one, but two painted cups! One has never been posted anywhere (because I just took pics of it today), and the other is just lagniappe, as they say down in New Orleans.
This one is extremely relevant because I wrote a journal entry on the cup and then painted over it. I had planned to do a cup journal entry a day, but as usual, I never followed thru with the idea. I would like to do something like that at least once in a while on here. This entry was about how I wish potters and artists got the same adoration as rock stars.Josie makes another grumpy appearance in one of my drawings. She does that.

I painted this one from a snapshot of my husband Nich and our friend Jason/Jesus drinking at one of our favorite Indy bars, The Chatterbox. This was back when the hubs still had his mohawk and waxed handlebar mustache.

That's it for today. Man, it's only 6:13p, and I'm all done, with extras! I'm so pimp.

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