Sunday, January 30, 2011

Productive weekend

I started and finished a lot of painted pieces in the last 3 days. I'm trying to make deadlines for two show submissions, as well as have some work for the art show and student sale at the studio this Friday. I'm pretty happy with what I've accomplished so far. Got a couple new pieces out of the glaze kiln, too.

Josie cat tile - this little tile had been sitting under plastic for more than a week, and was the perfect leather hard state for a little sgraffito. Rachel did a sgraffito demo in Thursday night class, so I went and bought some of the Duncan black underglazes she recommended. Gotta say, I love the Duncan ones so far, a lot better than the Amaco velvet underglaze I'd been using. For you non clay people, sgrafitto is a technique where you paint your clay with a kind of ceramic paint, let it dry, and the scratch your design into it, kind of like scratchboard drawing. For those of you not familiar with Josie cat, she is our awesomely grumpy old cat, and she looks a little like a very round calico bulldog.

More sgraffito, and more Josie.

I made this peep sculpture to submit for the Skutt Kiln Peep Show. It fits into one of the kiln peep holes, and is totally functional. If it's one of the 20 chosen, it'll be displayed at their booth at NCECA this year. I hope I get in!

I have more images, but blogger is being weird and loading them wrong. I'll post some more stuff tomorrow.

P.S., here's the show flier for this Friday. I'll have some stuff on display, and will be the wheel throwing demo person for the night. If you're out and about on First Friday, stop by!

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