Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Like you care.

A belated Feast of Lanterns post, for those of you wondering how it went. Actually, it went really well, but I'm too busy freaking out about the deadline for Oranje booth set up which is less than 2 weeks away to feel too pleased with myself right now.


Here's some pics.

My husband Nich and his sister Mariah helped me set up and sell things all day long, and were even pretty enthusiastic about it.

The dollhouse that I painted to be used as a display. I think it will look better if I raise it off the ground a bit, somehow. It needs a base, or some legs. And maybe a design painted in the space at the apex. Hmm...

Thank God for my weird, goofy-ass husband. I love him - he keeps me laughing and sane. If he and Mariah hadn't kept me giggling all day long, I probably would have been too grumpy and anxious to even speak to people, but they kept my spirits up so high I forgot to be worried. 

Mariah, trying on mini pillbox hats at our neighbor's booth. (Incidentally, I forget the hat shop's name, but they shared their space with Body Eclectic Skincare, which is my friend Jess. If anyone knows the name of the shop, please let me know.)

My friends Erin and Anthony stopped by, and were even kind enough to buy a cup for their new place! Erin has an adorable craft and photography blog at, where you can see more Feast of Lanterns photos, as well as her Eef character doing all kinds of crazy things like drinking coffee and eating brains on cute little mini cards. She also does crocheted plushies, blankets, handstitched books, and has made her own fabric, and she's also traveled pretty much the entire world. She's one of the most interesting people I know.

Our booth, all lit up at dusk. At one point, the power went out, and we were really happy to have our string of bell jar lanterns with tealights in them to see by.

The Spades Park gazebo, all lit up with lanterns, some of which were handmade by local artists and up for auction.

The coolest thing that happened was that I sold my big carved and painted bottle to a really nice couple, and the wife is a still life painter and asked my permission to use the bottle in one of her paintings. Naturally I said of course! You can check out her paintings here. I'm pretty pumped that I might see one of my pieces beautifully rendered on canvas, especially since I started out as a painter myself. She liked my bottle because she's been putting a lot of birds in her work as well, so I like that her painting and my piece will echo each other.

To my surprise, the event turned into a pleasant day sitting in the park, talking to people about pottery, art, and robots, and hanging out with friends and family, instead of a 12 hour shift, which is what I expected it to feel like. Nich and I got ice cream and Caribbean food, held hands, and danced in the lantern light together. It couldn't have gone any better, and I can't think of a better way to spend the anniversary of the day he asked me to marry him:)

That's all for today. I'm going to try to channel a little zen with a cup of hot chocolate and some music, so maybe tomorrow I won't feel so harried. Thinking back on Saturday, though, I feel a lot better today.

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