Sunday, September 5, 2010

Argh argh argh!

Anyone got a used kiln they want to part with? I'm about to give up on mine.

I am so frustrated right now. I have an old Duncan kiln with a snapped connecting wire and a rusty u-terminal that broke off. They don't make Duncans anymore, so I have to order parts from Paragon in Texas, which still carries Duncan parts. I ordered parts from them two weeks ago in hopes I could get my kiln up and running in time for Oranje 2 weeks from now. Not only did it take way longer to get the parts because they sent them by UPS, which does not believe in actually knocking on the door before leaving a slip on your door saying they missed you, but now I'm finding out I still don't have the parts I need. Upon opening the packages today, I discover they were out of stock on one part (but failed to tell me that - it was just hand written on the packing slip), and the other part is not the one I needed, but some totally unrecognizable thing. Now I'm not sure what to do about this kiln load of stuff. I usually bisque at home, and then bring my stuff to Amaco for cone 6 glaze firing, but they're so unreliable if I'm in a rush, since I'm the only one who asks for cone 6.

I need to find a better solution for getting my stuff fired, and fast. Just my luck that I'm signed up for 4 upcoming shows, and now I'm not sure how I'll go about finishing work. Ugh.

I should have stayed a painter.


Teuvo Vehkalahti said...

Very nise painted cups, I like very muc yoyr work.
Pleace looking Teuvo images fotoblog
and pleace yours comment

Thank you

Teuvo Vehkalahti


Linda Starr said...

when I first moved to Florida a short time ago I called a local potter who gave classes and asked her if she'd fire my work and she said she would, so I was able to get a backlog of stuff fired till I received my kiln. I bought a new automatic Skutt and I am so happy with it, the differences in firing my own stuff has made it well worth the cost. If you happen to get a Skutt at least they still make them and their service/tech is very responsive. I've also heard good things about L&Ls. check out your local craigslist you might see something reasonable.