Sunday, July 1, 2012


I've got 16 new mugs drying under plastic right now. They need a few touch ups here and there, which I'll do once they're bone dry. I'm thinking of staining then or painting on them, but I haven't decided exactly how, or with what. I think it's time to put my hours of time spent on Pinterest to good use and cull some inspiration.

Speaking of inspiration, I was amusing myself on Facebook and Twitter yesterday with pseudo Star Trek references, which led me to draw this picture of that sexy, sexy man Patrick Stewart as a bit of fun and drawing practice.

I decided that what I really need is mug with Captain Picard's commanding visage on it, and the beverage he always requests.
I am contemplating making several Star Trek fan art mugs, because goddamn, I love that show. That show inspires my LIFE, no bullshit. If people were as honorable and loyal and diplomatic and just downright awesome as the crew of the starship Enterprise NCC 1701-D, the world would be a better place. I am SO SERIOUS RIGHT NOW. I just feel like, if I could wake up everyday drinking out of Picard's face, my day would just be better, you know?

(P.S., you know you're a pottery geek when you're watching a show, and you catch yourself paying attention to the table ware they use. In the last several I've watched, they drink hot beverages out of glass mugs with what looks like a plastic ring around the base that the handle is attached to. That, ladies and gentlemen, is what mugs will look like in THE FUTURE.)

Nich and I started filming a few clips for my Kickstarter video today (doesn't that sound professional and impressive? I should have said "We started production on our upcoming Kickstarter film", isn't that what they say?). I've got an outline written for both the project itself, and what I want my Kickstarter video and page to say. I got three weeks to bang this out, guys. I'm excited!

In case you're wondering, "What are you doing a Kickstarter for, exactly?" I will reveal all sometime this week. I've got a new series of work I'd like to make, and I need your help to get it done, but I'd like to get started on it so I have something concrete to show you guys. Stay tuned!


Janiceblahblah said...

I absolutely love your Star Trek idea! I planned out a Borg "you will be assimilated" mug with Locutus on it a while back, but haven't got around to making it. I'm looking forward to seeing your finished results! My boyfriend got me a "Tea. Earl Grey. Hot" mug for xmas last year, and it's pretty much the only mug I use now. Oh, and I love your drawing of Jean-Luc, the greatest/hottest captain in the history of Starfleet.

Lori Leaumont said...

Seriously, Janice, I would marry that man. I would bear his children.

Man, a Borg mug would be killer! I hope you do it one day. I finished version one of my mug idea today, and it needs some work, but I'm going to post pictures later. Thanks so much!

Extheri37 the robot said...

That is what mugs looked like in the past.
I had a set of four of those mugs in the late '80s, which I guess fits with the time that that show was being made. Apparently they thought those looked very futuristic.
About the original Star Trek, I used to say - "Well, we know one thing about the future - women of the future will be scantily clad." All the women always wore these tiny little dresses, or diaphanous gowns. Apparently the future is going to be warm also.
Lie oyur Picard mug!