Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sketchbook Project 2012

Today was the last day to mail off our moleskin notebooks for the Sketchbook Project. In case you've forgotten that I took on this project, it's that little cloudy looking button down there on the left hand side (scroll way down). It was my intention to post my sketches on the blog as I did them, but that kind of fell by the wayside. It's a bit of a miracle that I finished doing this at all (which, technically, I didn't - I only managed to get half the pages colored, though I did at least ink them all). 

I drew most of the sketches on my break at Fedex when I was still working there, shortly after Maddy was born. Having a little girl really influenced me thinking about stories, and girls, and gender, so the sketchbook is full of flame haired girls riding giant cats and taming alligators. Some of the images might even turn into stories for Maddy one day. I keep saying I'd like to make a book for her and illustrate it. Maybe this is a jumping off point.

The theme I chose for my sketchbook (you are asked to choose one of the themes provided) was "Fill me with stories." I didn't write any literal stories, but I did draw a lot of illustrative images that could become stories one day.
Filling him with stories, literally.
I have a thing for drawing girls on cliffs.
I used these awesome acrylic inks for all the color. They're super vibrant, and water soluble,  so I can get nice delicate watercolor washes and deep opaque colors.
Maddy will probably not have flame red hair. I just like drawing flame headed girls.
I included a secret note for anyone who checks out the sketchbook from the art library. So the sketchbook tour comes to your city, look for it!
The main branch post office downtown is supposed to be open until 7pm, but I live in Indianapolis, and the Super Bowl is this weekend. The post office is around the corner from the stadium, so it was closed. Of course I waited until the last minute to mail this thing, which must be post marked today to be included. We dropped it in the box in the hopes that it will be postmarked for today, since the pickup time was supposed to be til 7 (we dropped it in at 6:50pm, 'cause we're that good). Fingers crossed.

I'm just happy I drew on every page this time around. I didn't even submit my 2011 sketchbook, and I was sad about that. I'm proud of myself for getting this done! Maybe next year I'll do even better, with full color dreamscape pages from cover to cover. 

For pics of all the drawings, visit my Facebook page!


eef said...

oh cool! i tried to do this last year too... got about 5 pages in and gave up. congrats on finishing!

Lori Leaumont said...

I think I finished 2 pages last year, maybe three. Nah, didn't even finish, they were just pencil sketches. It is a fun project, but I think I get hung up on the theme thing. If it was just "draw in this sketchbook everyday, and send it in," I'd probably have an easier time.