Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Baby Foofaraw

My daughter is 10 months this week. Everyone always says "They grow up so fast," and I've always thought that was such a cliche thing to say. Of course they grow up fast, that's what kids do. Then you have one of your own, and you just can't stop thinking it to yourself. I feel silly every time I think it, but I can't seem to help myself. It seems like Maddy masters a new skill daily these days. This week, she discovered how to clap all on her own, out of the blue. Just a minute ago, she was a chubby little amorphous blob that made grunts and growly noises, and now she's learning how to walk. It's pretty amazing to watch.

Maddy at 2 months.

Maddy now.

I forgot to bring a camera or pull out my iphone, but I brought Maddy to class with me a couple weeks ago. She wanted to be right next to me most of the time, which made it difficult to do a throwing demo with her hanging on and wanting to touch every sharp object within reach (of course, she went right for the needle tool first.) But she put her hands on the clay as I was pulling out a flat disc for my citrus juicer demo, and the wet slip slid under her hands as the wheel turned, and she went "ooooooooh." She was totally mesmerized by how it looked and felt. It was adorable! I don't think it'll be long before I'm teaching this girl how to throw her own pots:D There are three year olds that can throw, right?

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