Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Clever title blah blah blah

Got some new work out of the kiln, and starting making little mini doll jars. I am super excited about them - they are going to be ADORABLE!

More bunny cups!
My alien baby bunny wall sculpture is lookin' pretty sweet, if I do say so myself.
These are all less than 5 inches tall.
In other news, I applied for the first Handmade Promenade craft fair event of the year. It will be in conjunction with National Record Store day, which is always awesome. There will be 5 booths set up outside of Luna Music on April 16th, with anywhere from 5 - 10 handmade craft vendors. Wish me luck that I'm one of them! I'll keep you all posted if I get in, and you can come see my giant preggo belly, one week away from my due date:)


eef said...

bears and wolves and bunny jars!!! so excited to see these!

i don't know if i'll stand any chance of being accepted or not, but if i apply and we both get in would you want to share a booth? Do you have a tent?

Heedless said...

Man you are brave to do that a week before you are due!...and fabulous new work I must also say:)