Saturday, February 5, 2011

Studio art show recap

I wonder how long I can keep up this whole "posting a blog on a regular basis" thing?

I blame the weather. You can only be stuck inside sitting at the computer playing Bubble Island on Facebook for so many hours...

Yesterday evening was the studio show and sale. Not only did I have a blast, but I found out I have fans! I can't begin to tell you how giddy that made me. I guess Rachel and Andrew have been showing some of my work to their students over at Herron. Squee! Once again, an entire night spent talking about my work, my throwing, and ceramics in general. I was pretty much in heaven. I met some really nice people.

I also threw a whole bunch of new stuff! Tumblers, a big bowl, a lidded jar with three lids (not sure which will work out best), and a new doll jar.

You can see that round bottle form and the little vase directly to the right of it - that's going to (hopefully) be the next doll jar. I wanted a form that looked more like a traditional kokeshi doll - big round head with a skinny straight body. I have no idea how stable it's going to be, though. It may be way too top heavy to survive for long. Or even how well the forms will work together once I combine them. It's an experiment, so we'll see how it turns out.

Check out some pics of the instructor work in the gallery. It's all making me feel really inspired to take another crack at handbuilding. I swore off it in college because I was so bad at it, but look at these amazing sculptures! Maybe handbuilding deserves another shot...

Catherine Schlebecker
Rachel Bleil
Andrew Davis
Thanks to anyone reading who came by last night. It was great meeting you!


eef said...

sad i missed this... seemed like too far to go and i'm lazy, but it sounds like it was fun! what is handbuilding?

15 Painted Cups said...

Handbuilding is just working in clay not on the wheel. Basically any other way of making clay stuff that isn't wheel throwing is handbuilding. Basically, I always sucked at sculpting, but I liked the wheel. Now I want to make some different things, so I'm thinking I may give it another shot.

eef said...

sounds cool! do it and post pictures!!!!

also, i made you a button. i hope you don't hate it, because i'm using it on my blog.
if you do hate it.. uhm, let me know. lol

15 Painted Cups said...

I don't hate it, but I'd like it better if it used one of my painted wheel thrown cups, since I don't really do the decal stuff anymore. But thanks for making me a button! It never occurs to me to make banners and buttons and things like that.

eef said...

send me (or link me to) a photo you want used, and i'll make one! =]