Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Been stuck in the house for 3 days now due to this ice and snow storm. I can't say I mind too much. I haven't been very productive, but I have caught up on sleep, a lot of movies, and a couple of good books. My husband and I also got our taxes done (yay refund!), and I got my piece submitted for the Skutt Peep Show.

Today I thought I should go ahead and submit some pictures to Carol Epp's blog, Musing About Mud. I've been following her blog for quite some time now, so I was excited to see that she planned to feature a new ceramic artist everyday in February. I'm a little late to submit, though, so I don't know whether there will be room for me. Here's hoping. I just wish I had more professional slides of my recent work, or that the pieces I've finished in the last week were fired and photographed. Some of my slides are starting to look dated! Regardless of whether she shows my work or not, I'm looking forward to seeing a month's worth of ceramic artists featured on her blog. I've really enjoyed seeing what she's posted so far.

Speaking of photographs, I really need to get a graduated photo backdrop so I can take better slides. I've been told that Varitone is pretty much the standard among ceramic artists for their slides, but I was wondering whether there were any other kinds that people prefer? I'm also not sure how large of a backdrop I should invest in. I'm balking a little at spending $75 on one, but I would if I thought I would really need it. There are a lot of deadlines coming up, and I want to be able to submit the best slides I can. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated!

Gonna go eat some delicious homemade bread I made this morning - it should be coming out of the bread machine right about now - and have a cup of coffee with chicory (New Orleans coffee is the best!). If you're stuck in this storm like I am, I hope you're staying safe and warm, and maybe drinking something hot and delicious out of a handmade cup:)

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