Friday, February 8, 2013

Role Models: Lori Leaumont

My badass lady friend Talia over at Conduit Press did this write up about me and my work on her blog, and I just have to share it because it made me cry. Not like a single, glistening anime-style tear, either.

Through all my art and passion projects, I often wonder if any one is paying attention, and if any of it will make a difference. Reading something like this reminds me to keep it up.

Thanks for the love, Talia.

Role Models: Lori Leaumont

While you're clicking about, check out Talia's creative reuse of books! Nich and I have one of her flask book safes on our shelf, and it makes me feel like I live in a mystery. One day I'll rig it up so it'll sit right next to a bust of Beethoven that is actually a lever for a secret room.

Conduit Press

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