Tuesday, April 24, 2012

So long, farewell

I have a lot of huge changes happening in my life right now. I'm not sure where to start, so I'll just go on down the line and list them.

First of all, my husband and I fell in love with a little house in a neighborhood we adore, and we're in the process of trying close on it. There have been some snafus, but the inspection is some time this week, and if it passes, it's ours. Nich and I have already planned out our lives in this house! So fingers crossed. If this doesn't work out we'll keep looking, but I'm hoping to be announcing good news by next week.

Desire House - by Catherine Wilson

Second, I have been volunteering my time at a Montessori school doing clay with the kids there. So far I've only spent one day there, but I love being there, and Maddy gets to hang out with awesome kids, chickens, a chinchilla, and a very sweet dog while I'm there. There is the possibility of a job there for me in the near future, so I really hope this pans out. More and more I feel drawn to working with kids, and I think this would be a great fit for me, and for Maddy!

Finally, my time as Artist in Residence at BGCW has come to an end. Josh Heim, our Thursday night instructor, is purchasing the studio, and will be taking my place. I decided to let this be my last week so I could put more energy into the house plans, the Montessori school, and spending time with Maddy. Also, as much as I loved teaching there, it left very little time for developing my own work, and my skill level is just not where I want it to be yet. I will still be a part of BGCW, filling in from time to time and teaching the kid's workshops. I'm really looking forward to seeing how the community grows under Josh's knowledge, experience, and care. It's definitely in good hands:) I definitely learned a lot teaching there - probably more than my students learned from me! It was a blessing, and I'm so grateful for the experience, and the friendships I made.

It is my plan to take a small hiatus from art making and social media while I figure out the new directions my life is going in. Over the summer, I hope to get a small studio set up in the new house, and maybe take some time developing my work without distraction or pressure. Anyway, if you don't hear from me for a while, I hope you won't forget about me. After some adjustments, some r&r, and some much needed time with my family, I will be back. Hopefully with new adventures, new work, and a new website (finally!)

Thank you for following along with me, guys!


Heedless said...

Best of Luck to you!

eef said...

yay! i really hope you get that house! =]

Fatty Frog Pots said...

So many exciting changes in store for you and your family, all of them so exciting! I'm so happy for you deciding to take such a big step that will, I know be personally fulfilling and rewarding to you!! Yay for my sensei!!

Barbara Wanhill said...

Best wishes to you and your family. : )

Lori Leaumont said...

Thanks everyone!