Saturday, December 31, 2011

Best of 2011

Another year over. To be honest, I never get too excited about the new year, other than that it's another holiday, therefore an excuse to party and overindulge in food and drink. (Being from New Orleans, anything is justifiable as an excuse to party:D)

This year is a little different, because it's the year a new baby girl came into my life, who is quietly sleeping beside me long before midnight. I feel a bit sappy, but there's not a bar in the world that beats spending the evening reflecting over how wonderfully changed my life is because she's a part of it. This might be the quietest New Year's eve I've ever had, but it's just lovely.

A lot happened to me this year, and I accomplished a lot, and I am ever so grateful for it all.

Here's a few highlights of awesome things that happened:

I got my Josie cup published in the upcoming book Humor in Craft. It's coming out in April, I can't wait!

 I got work juried into three art shows! Three! And I have to thank my new friends Rachel Bleil and Andrew Davis for their support and encouragement. I never would have bothered to apply at all without their prodding.

 I had a gorgeous baby girl, Madeleine Calliope.

 I started making mini jars!

 I started teaching kids classes, and got the Artist in Residence position at Beech Grove Clay Works.
 Maddy gets more and more awesome by the day! She's 9 months old now.
I've been setting up this awesome three woman show with two fellow artists whose work I adore. I am so very honored that Vanessa Monfreda asked me to be a part of this show! (Btw, I hope to see all you Indy people there, bashing the piƱata with us!)

Finally, I got a real honest to goodness logo, designed by fellow artist and awesome person Brandon McDonald of Brandon with Glasses design! How sweet is that?

I get a little stressed around the holidays, but when I stop and think about everything that happened this past year, everything I have going, and this awesome little family I've got, my heart just swells. I've got so much to be grateful for. So here's to 2011, and the start of a new and prosperous year for all of us. Happy New Year everyone!

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