Monday, August 8, 2011

I have a new fan.

I did a mini craft fair on Friday. I didn't remember to bring a camera, so I don't have any pics of that. But I did get this video of Maddy flipping out over my pottery. She was on the floor getting some tummy time while I was packing up, and started rolling towards the brightly colored pots. Unfortunately, I couldn't get her to roll over on camera, but she does squeal rather adorably.

Think she'll grow up to be a potter?


eef said...

wow! she is so much happier now! =]

Hey, are you going to do the handmade promenade for the broad ripple music fest this year?

i think i am actually going to be able to do this one, so let me know if you want to split a booth! =]

Heedless said...