Sunday, December 12, 2010

Open House wrap up - awesomeness:)

I had a blast at the Beech Grove open house last night! We had a fantastic turn out, and everyone's work looked really great. I met lots of new people, and got to spend most of the evening geeking out about pottery with everyone, which was pretty cool. I thought I'd be nervous being the demo person all night, but I really enjoyed being at the wheel and talking to people about what I was doing. I remember the first time I watched someone throw, and how beautiful and mesmerizing it looked to me then. It was awesome seeing other people have that same experience watching me. Best part was, I got 4 new bowls and 2 new jars thrown, and a new bag of clay for my trouble! I told Mike he could ask me to be his demo person anytime.

I forgot my camera, so the only pics I have are from my cell phone from earlier in the day while we were setting up. There was a photographer there, so hopefully some better pics will surface pretty soon.

My stuff, before set up.

Catherine Schlebecker's giant slab platter. Cathy is one of the artists in residence, and my instructor on Saturdays.

Dee Schaad's figures. Dee is a faculty member of University of Indianapolis's ceramics dept.

One of Dee's platters.

Allen Reinhardt's iguana tile table. I am desperate to learn how to do tile work like this!

This coming Saturday is my last fair of the year, the Handmade Promenade Last Minute Market. Check out the Handmade Promenade blog  to see all the crafters that will be selling work. It's gonna be a fun night, so I hope to see you there!

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