Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

My Mom doesn't have internet, so she never sees my blog or anything else I do online. Sometimes this is a good thing, like when I post pictures of SUUUUPPEER SEEECRET presents for her.

My Mom lived in England when she was a little girl. They had a maid and a nanny and everything, and would have afternoon tea everyday. My Mom's childhood always seemed so far removed from mine - like she'd grown up a little princess. She always told me they had to make play dates for tea with the neighbor girl because she lived miles away, and I guess making official play dates was proper. My Mom would describe how much she loved afternoon tea, and all the little details - the lovely china or silver tea set, the tiny cucumber sandwiches, the little cookies (or biscuits, as they call them, which confused me as a kid) and scones. I always found it all fascinating, and wished I'd gotten to live in a big old house in England.

I've always wanted to take my Mom to a proper high tea as a gift for Mother's Day or her birthday, but the one time I found a place and made reservations, something went wrong and foiled our plans, and we never got to go. Once I moved to Indiana and started making ceramics, I vowed to get good enough to make my Mom a little tea set. I've had to put it off every year because I suck SO HARD at making teapots. But this year I finally got it.

My Mom loves anything to do with cats, especially if they have enormous eyes. Does the cup look familiar? I got inspired by that Hello Kitty Sake set. There's also a little warmer for under the teapot that she can put a tealight candle in to keep her tea warm, and some Japanese Cherry green tea from the local tea shop (it's not English tea, I know, but it's REALLY good stuff, and she likes green tea).

I haven't fired this yet because I was dragging my feet making it (as I do with everything), and I was sure it was going to crack or explode, or my handle was going to fall off, or something. KNOCK ON WOOD! I  know today is Mother's Day, but we're celebrating Mother's Day next weekend while I'm home in New Orleans for a long weekend.

Wish this little set luck! It's a long time in the making, and it needs to make it home.


Lilo, The Great Rock Eater said...

The tea set is so adorable!!! You did a fabulous job. Can't wait to see it after firing!!!!

Jess & Lilo

15 Painted Cups said...

Thank you! It's going in the glaze kiln first thing tomorrow morning. Maybe I'll take some pics of my Mom using it and getting all teary eyed:D